Mediation services, Decatur Ga

Most family law matters can be resolved without entering a courtroom. Going to court and having a judge decide your issues of divorce, child custody, child support, legitimation, or modification presents several risks.

These risks include losing control of the outcome, receiving an unfavorable outcome, increased legal fees, and the emotional stress of having to testify, hear testimony, etc.

Another option to court is mediation. Mediation is a non-adversarial process in which a neutral third-party, who has received domestic mediation training, helps both sides of the case identify the issues present and navigate a resolution.

Most cases will resolve in full or in part in mediation. Mediation is not only encouraged by judges, but required by many judges and paid for in part by some counties. I represent clients frequently in mediation and feel that it is an invaluable method for reaching a solution that not only makes sense but keeps a level of control in my client’s hands.

Also, I am a mediator and have worked with people to resolve their issues so that the case can proceed with the court system as an uncontested matter. Contact me about the mediation options for your family law matter.

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