Rough seas: an unprecedented year that can cause major strain in families

Rough Seas 2020 will be a year we will all remember. 

Pandemic, masks, quarantining, hand sanitizer, working from home, cancelled vacations, lost wages, and virtual school may very well lead some folks to an even harsher reality – that perhaps the family life we were living in 2019 has taken a fatal blow. 

Maybe the issues were already there but became more pronounced during these historic times of togetherness and loneliness.  Or it could be the stress and strain of 2020 has deeply changed personalities, priorities, and dynamics.  

The complications of 2020 were never contemplated in parenting plans, and how could they have been? 

  • The words quarantining and social distancing were not in common conversation. 
  • Nor was the idea that someone must stay at home with the children so they can attend virtual school.  This virtual school factor alone may create a need to modify a parenting time schedule. 
  • The financial impact of 2020 has been devastating for many.  Entire industries and positions have been forever altered and some completely eliminated.  Child support modifications will be necessary for many families.  Even the child support calculation itself is now problematic because past income is no longer an accurate predictor of future income.  

What we all are experiencing is unprecedented. 

Whether it is time for a divorce or time to modify custody or child support, reshaping your family life can be a daunting task. I am here to show you the legal path to build a new family life that works for you. Contact me and we can schedule a virtual consultation at your convenience.  

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