Carolyn Torres-Mabe, Divorce Attorney, Decatur GANot all couples live happily ever after. Even when someone is ready to end a marriage, it can still be a difficult process, emotionally and/or logistically. Processing legal requirements during an emotional time is extremely challenging. Determining which issues the court requires be addressed, plus correctly preparing the required documents to initiate and finalize a divorce, can be overwhelming and confusing.

All issues pertaining to the divorce, whether it is division of property, child custody, or child support must be addressed and correctly adhere to the corresponding legal requirements. Division of property is the separation of all assets and debts, such as real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts, personal items, credit card debt, etc., on an equitable basis as required by Georgia law.

This division may not be an equal division, however. The assumption is that all assets and debts are marital property and subject to division. Property that existed prior to the marriage, was inherited during the marriage, or received as a gift from a third party during the marriage are considered non-marital and not subject to the equitable division unless they were comingled with marital property. Detangling separate property from marital property can be convoluted and complex.

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