Child Support

In Georgia, child support belongs to the child rather than the parent.

Child support in Georgia is a calculation, but not a simplistic one. Georgia uses a “Child Support Worksheet.” Previously, a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income was used to determine how much child support would be paid to the custodial parent – the parent who has the child(ren) the majority of the time. Now, the gross monthly income of both parents and some expenses of the minor child(ren) are factored into the calculation to create a presumptive amount of child support.

That presumptive amount can be deviated from if certain circumstances are present – such as equal parenting time or travel costs required to exercise parenting time. Whether a deviation should be considered and how much the deviation should be are issues that must be carefully negotiated.

There are other expenses for minor child(ren) that must be addressed, such as uncovered medical costs, and that can be addressed, such as costs associated with extracurricular activities, summer camps, day care, and after school care. In the event that financial circumstances change for the child(ren) or one of the parents, a modification of child support may be warranted.

Whether child support is being calculated for the first time or being modified, I can guide you through the calculations and advise you regarding your options.

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