Arbitration: Another Alternative


I am pleased to announce that I am now a certified arbitrator. Arbitration is an efficient alternative for family law issues.

Arbitration is an alternative to the traditional approach to family law matters.  Arbitration is similar to mediation in that the parties meet with a trained neutral professional regarding the issues in dispute.  The difference however, is that the arbitrator makes a decision on the issues and that decision is legally binding on the parties.  The advantage to arbitration is that it is much more efficient than all other avenues to resolve family law matters.  Arbitration can be scheduled and a decision made within weeks while the court process can take many months to conclude.  Arbitration, since it is a concentrated process, costs far less than the expensive back and forth of attorney negotiations and court hearings.  Also, in arbitration, people can express themselves more freely and is in a more casual setting than a courtroom.  Arbitration is suitable for all family law matter including divorce, child support modification, child custody modification, legitimation, and contempt. For example if a couple wishes to divorce, I will hear the issues and what each spouse wants and why, and then make a legally-binding decision that is fair.  Or if parents wish to modify their existing parenting plan, I will make the adjustments that meet the needs of the family and complies with Georgia law.  The parties are then able to file their divorce or modification as an uncontested matter with the court, saving time, emotion turmoil, and money.  My expertise in family law will result in an arbitrated decision that is tailored to your issues and makes sense for your needs.  Please contact me to schedule an arbitration.   

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